Thursday, July 29, 2010

Speak To My Heart Thursday's

Wow posting late sorry friend's it has been a crazy busy day but a good crazy busy! Let's see stayed home all day did 12 loads of laundry yep that's right all done now thank God oh and that is only till Saturday when there will more than likely be 6 more lol all in the day and a life of a family of 10 + a doggie yikes!! Then worked out and went on a roasting bike ride hee hee then baked some cakearella's (or whatever there called) mmmmm yummo so good, took little kids on walk to a park and collected lots of pine-cones for our fall season coming up it was fun then tossed frissby for a sec. cuz we were dying in the heat. Came home and dinner prep and clean well you all get the point and some point in all that we read word and did our reading homework and played with pup ok tired now. So moral of this story is for me today what spoke to my heart was simple spending precious time with my family and being ok with that it was nice.


When you think of discipline do you only think of the punishment?? I want to share that, that is NOT what true biblical discipline is, it is the process of training and learning that fosters moral development. It is the development that leads ultimately to the formation of Christ-like character in the child. The purpose of Biblical discipline is to teach moral responsible behavior, shaping Christ-like keepers of God's moral mandates; kingdom -builders who live out the fruits of the Spirit and touch others with the character of Jesus. If we only punish and never allow the explaining of what the right behavior needs to be and how God feels about it then our children will obey out of fear and in return one day become rebellious something we would all love to avoid as much as we can.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Speak To My Heart Wednesday's



I chose this today because it has spoken to my heart reminding me that as my dear husband comes home tonight from the airport to be loving and supportive no matter how hard my last three days home without him have been. By now I have to say I am irritable for sure first day was fine first night hard didn't sleep much second day pretty good getting tired and grumpy towards night though and so were kids then no sleep really last night either so by today I am soooooo feeling it and just want him home. You sure take for granted what you have and what you are BLESSED with until it is taken for a time or God forbid taken for good. My encouragement for both myself and you is to cherish your hubby and family today you may not have them tomorrow .
Schedule's can wait church functions will come and go but the time with our hubby's and kiddo's is very limited and does not come and go once gone it is gone for good
when I look at it this way it makes every irritability and tiredness and fight just seem foolish and not that important. So I choose tonight to welcome him with loving arms no matter what the day still may hold because I love him Dear and want him to know he is my number one outside of God.
Lord thank you for blessing me with an amazing husband may you give him safe travel mercies tonight and a safe drive home from airport In Jesus Name Amen
Until Next Time,
God Bless you,
In His Grip,

Cindy's MOM MOMENT'S -
For those of you who may have never heard of the FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES by: DR. Gary Chapman, I encourage you to get the books and read them ALL I believe there is one for adults and one for children but here they are this is important and once my family found out about these and started filling each other's "LOVE TANKS" we are a much more joyful family to say the least!

There are 5 ways to express our love to our mates and children:

1) Communicating Love Through Words of Encouragement
2) Communicating Love Through Acts of Service
3) Communicating Love Through Gift-Giving
4) Communicating Love Through Quality Time
5) Communicating Love Through Physical Touch and Closeness

For everyone this differs we all have a primary touchpoint for instance my primary LANGUAGE happens to be 4 & 5 does this mean I dont need 1, 2, and 3 no however if my "Love TANK" is being filled with my primary points then when and if the extra ones are done it is iceing on my cake not needed but an extra bonus ...however if our one or two primary languages are NOT being met it doesnt matter what other ones are done and this is when we have mis communication fighting and lack of understanding with our mates/children. I encourage you to find out what Love language each member in your family speaks and start filling those tanks today!!! God Bless
P.S. If you have questions about book please go to find me on Facebook or leave a message in e-mail or comment on blog post thank you!!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Speak To My Heart Tuesday's

Hello Friend's ,
As I have been in heavy prayer for day's now over my blog and where the Lord wants it to go from here I am at peace with the answer "He" has given and confirmed.... I am to be posting daily in what I will call "Speak To My Heart Monday's" and so on as days of week change. I will only be posting Monday- Saturday Giving Sunday to God and Family all Day and during Fall Holiday's I may post every few days as Lord allows!!!!! In these Speak to my Heart posts I will share things that have spoken to my heart thru the reading of the Word or a good book I am in or whatever Lord speaks to my heart. My Passion is to reach, teach, lead, love, and grow alongside of Women of God so we Can be ALL God wants us to be. So here it goes also
please keep my blog in your prayers I know the enemy attacks when we set out to obey God.

Speak To My Heart Tuesday:

Today's thru the Word was 1 Peter Ch. 4 & 5 and the scripture that really stood out was in Chapter 4 verses (8-9) here they are in the NKJV :

(8) And above ALL things have fervent LOVE for one another, for "love will cover a multitude of sins." (9) Be hospitable to one another without grumbling.

In the Amplified version of the Bible it says it this way:
"Above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins [forgives and disregards the offences of others]. [Prov. 10:12] Practice hospitality to one another (those of the household of faith). [Be hospitable, be a lover of strangers, with brotherly affection for unknown guests, the foreigners, the poor, and ALL others who come your way who are of Christ's body.] And [in each instance] do it ungrudgingly (cordially and graciously, without complaining but as representing God Himself). "

For myself I love this passage it is always a great reminder to Love ALL. I really appreciate the Amplified version and the intense wording it stresses such as , have an intense and unfailing love for one another now I dont know about you but with out the Spirit within I dont have an intense Love for anyone and when in flesh we only Love ourselves right? This kind of unfailing Love can only be found in Jesus and as we become more like Him we can start loving people this way as we start to see other's thru the eyes of Christ and not the Blinders we tend to wear often. In a commentary (favorite of My husband and I) by MacArther he puts it this way in verse 8 where it speaks of fervent love that "fervent" means "to be stretched" , to be strained and for me I can say this to be true it is a huge stretch I dont want to have that kinda love for ALL some are just down right mean and nasty people so it is a stretch I am stretched everytime one of these hard to love people come my way however it is what we ae called to do friend's we are not called to only love friend's and family we like and are easy to get along with nope scripture says "ALL".
This kind of love requires the Christian to put another's spiritual good ahead of our own desires in spite of how the other treats us . [ 1 Cor. 13: 4-7; Phil. 2:1-4] "love covers a multitude
of sins." we must be able to over look the sins not to keep record (this doesn't mean to over look the discipline of sins when needed and Lord led in Love) but it does mean we as the body dont stop loving because of ones sins because we have ALL sinned and fallen short (Romans).
It does however specifically say that we should overlook sins against us if at all possibleand always be ready to forgive insults and unkindness. "Be hospitable to one another" scripture also calls us to do this for strangers Heb. 13: 1-2 Love is Practical not just emotional it is also an action not just words expressed so are we showing others around us this "fervent" Love the Lord speaks of ??? Something for us to ponder I know I can honestly say I fall VERY SHORT in this area and Pray I can Love ALL thru the eyes of Jesus. Also I liked in the Amplified version it says to be hospitable and without doing it grudgingly but cordially and graciously without complaining but as representing Christ Himself .... I have to say that I have in the past myself as well as hearing other's say oh no look who is coming over not now I cant deal with such and such right now ..."YIKES" I want to remind you I admitted to doing this myself too ladies however we are called to be gracious and cordial and show LOVE to ALL not just our friend's or new people but even the Hard to Love ones too and we all know of some of those types dont we?
I have started trying something new before I am tempted to say something rude I say to myself wow what if they say that about me mmm the Whole TREAT OTHER'S HOW YOU YOURSELF WANT TO BE TREATED yikes when I look at it that way I sure would not want to be treated in an unloving unkind manner so I better becareful how I am with other's......Well Lot's to pray about I pray you were provoked to study these scriptures more and even convicted thru His Word as I was to be very careful to LOVE ALL People !!!

NOW FOR MY MOM MOMENT'S - To you Mom's out there whom may be struggling to either get back to Homeschooling soon or to Start Homeschool for the very first time may I offer some words of encouragement in which I myself have just been encouraged by: What task has God given to you that He has not allowed you to carry out? Good Question God says when HE starts a good work He shall Finish His work so if He has called us to Homeschool and started that good work HE can and will finish it we just have to have FAITH and allow Him to guide and direct our school year. Wherever He Leads us this Year I have always believed where God Guides He Provides if we are NOT seeing this to be true we may NOT be in HIS PERFECT WILL for our lives and I encourage you to Pray. God will give us all we need for this next exciting Year.
God Bless you Mom's all over the World!!

In His Grip,
Until Next Time,

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where Has This Summer Gone?? It's Almost August

I cant believe it is almost August wow how time flies!! Let's see alot has happened over past couple of months. In the beginning of June we were called to a New Church Calvary Chapel Henderson a church of about 250 people so much smaller than CCGV but a nice fit for us we came from a church of 100 before CCGV so we are use to small. Things are coming along and adjustments are being made a slow progress but a progress none the less. God is teaching us patience and TRUST it is awesome the things He takes us thru. Shortly after leaving CCGV my husband lost his job and was out of work last two weeks of June thru July 19th in which he started his new job making more and better packages so God is so amazing and showing Himself mighty to Greg and my family.... to get a job literally 2 weeks after really looking in this economy is sooo God (Praise you Jesus for Your amazing provision !!!) We had a wonderful time of FAITH Building and Soul Searching as a couple and family while honey was home out of work it was though it was a forced (yet appreciated) vacation where we had no choice but to spend time with each other in prayer in the word and just being together it was amazing and the best part it was the first time we both had complete trust that God was in COMPLETE CONTROL of EVERY part of our lives. The last few months have been some of the hardest yet most amazing at the same time stretching our Faith to a place unfamiliar to us yet been painful at times it also has been rewarding at the same time. We have also gained a new Family Member his name is Poncho (Thank you Johnson Family) he is the best little doggie ever we just love Him so and Steph he has adjusted well and is picking favs already he is very playful and cute he does from time to time Miss you all you can just tell he is to cute thank you so much!!! The kids and I have been living at the pool such a blessing to have been blessed with pool passes for the entire family all summer long thank you to that blessed sis and family. I also have an amazing project in August that I am honored to have been asked to be a part of I will share more as I am able. I have also gotten closer to my ex husband and his fiance' whom has started going to church (Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain awesome) the fact that he even allows her to go to church or is open to God is a pure Miracle in and of itself may God continue to use Greg and I as well as Lish and Ian to shine our lights and win them to the Lord praying for their salvation daily and will update. The children are getting to know him more and more and bounderies are going well thanks for prayers and we covet many more thank you all !! That has been The Bolt summer thus far in a nut shell more to come I am sure and school preperations are underway I will post pics of our 2010-2011 classroom and ideas asap until then God Bless and thank you for stopping by may God bless the rest of your summer and bring you peace!!!
In His Grip,

My New Book I am currently reading by Favorite blog sister Ann Voskamp

My New Book I am currently reading by Favorite blog sister Ann Voskamp
Best Book of the Year This dear sister in the Lord writes with such eloquence I cant even put the book down it becomes so REAL for me the pages come to life! This is a MUST read!!

Mel and I at one of the scrapbook weekends at church!!!

Mel and I at one of the scrapbook weekends at church!!!
I love ya sis!!!

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