Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Been Awhile ................

Hello Blog friends...........I know some have wondered what has happened to me ...well I am still here doing well just busy more than expected yet in a good way if that makes sense. I have been throwing myself back into my family life I have been busy with ALOT OF THINGS IN THE PAST and at times more than I care to admit my lovely family took the backseat to my VERY BUSY overwhelming schedule. The Lord has stripped me from any and all duties I was involved in and it has been challenging yet rewarding all in the same time. You see for me this is a HUGE STRETCH and Learning experience.... God made me the same way as my father hhhmmmmm maybe thats why my father and I nearly never get along (prayer needed in that area) you see my father always was a busy man worked since he was 12 and once in early 20's already an assistant manager for a store and keeping insane hours for a man with wife and two kids 16 to 18 hour days and because pressure was so great for perfection he cracked and became an alcoholic in which kept him away for even more hours so rarely saw him. I grew up seeing it was important to work, work, work, and this is where we gained our respect and exceptence in this world. So I to kept a very busy schedule in school and began working full time at 16 and by 19 I too was managing my own store and keeping 12 hour days myself and going to this and that social event in my free time and always trying to one up the store in competition with it became lots for me to bare as well and instead of alcohol I went for starvation (whole other story) so once I became saved I then was jaded in my way of thinking that I must serve serve serve keep up with others whom are serving just as much and they too have families so if they can I must yikes!! I have done this for years now and I am finally at a place in my life of pure surrender in ALL AREAS of my life and I have surrendered this area of busyness to the Lord and HE has taken me out of a situation where I was overly serving again and being tempted to stumble and has made it not an option. Thank you Jesus I have had schedule cleared up more than ever before and it has been life changing , life altering in a magnificent way. I no longer leave to gym my gym is home praise God I run 4 miles every morning now and do my Insanity workouts and I no longer work any other day than Wed. and I refuse to make any appointments before 12:45 p.m. on weekdays because my childrens homeschool is of utmost importance and I have been blessed already because of that obedience and only on second week!!! Because of obedience the Lord blessed me to be able to serve in an amazing Women's Event at a friend's church in August and has me involved in a World wide ministry called "Praise and Coffee Night's" in which I am the one and only hostess for the Las Vegas , Henderson , NV. areas wow and it only involves a once a month commitment and little weekly involment if any still leaving schedule freed for family yay!! I cant tell you how free I feel to NOT be ENSNARED by an overly busy schedule anymore and to know my lot in life is to please GOD and GOD alone and if HE says NO it is really ok for me to say No to other's they will get over it and if not well sorry take it up with God !!
I have learned the hard way to really take every part of your life to God in prayer even your daily planner and calendar and allow HIM to make those schedules.....now I am NOT saying to NEVER plan cuz I still am very much a planner after all my Creator made me this way however I am saying we may plan but we must then allow God to then guide and direct and if that means He may alter our original plans then we must be flexable and allow the changes or go kicking and screaming and forsake His blessings for us. I rather be in HIS perfect plan for me wouldnt you!

Until He allows me to Blog again may God bless you richly,
In His Grip,

My New Book I am currently reading by Favorite blog sister Ann Voskamp

My New Book I am currently reading by Favorite blog sister Ann Voskamp
Best Book of the Year This dear sister in the Lord writes with such eloquence I cant even put the book down it becomes so REAL for me the pages come to life! This is a MUST read!!

Mel and I at one of the scrapbook weekends at church!!!

Mel and I at one of the scrapbook weekends at church!!!
I love ya sis!!!

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