Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting Beyond the Accident............

Well tomorrow will be 2 weeks ago that the accident happened and already we have another car thank you Jesus. Prayers were answered and we can now move on from that terrible day. Thanks for all your prayers family is good and we are healing well some healed already all the way. The Lord is good and it amazes me that He truly does turn EVERYTHING for the good to those whom believe upon Him. We truly are a blessed people and we need to know that even in the midst of a trial no matter what it may be the loss of a job, tight finances, troubled marriages,car accidents, hard to handle kids, friendships, family feuds, doubt whatever it may
be we can trust with the Lord we can get through even these little things and dont get me wrong I know these things are not little as we are going through them however in the big picture of things they really are little and we have a VERY BIG GOD whom can see us through anything so I encourage you today to put your trust solely in Jesus alone and watch Him see you through any issue you may be going through. Will it be easy NO but I know without HIM it is sooooooo much harder if not impossible. "but as for me, I trust in you, O Lord; I say you are my God" PSALM 31:14

"Be of good courage , and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord."Psalm 31:24

"Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him " Matt. 6:8
Father we thank you that you do go before us and know our every need even before we ourselves know. Father thank you for your provision and may you provide for
each of us in your timing and as we wait may we wait upon you and take comfort and peace knowing you have always provided and will continue to provide our every need not greed. Father may you just be with all whom find themselves without a job Lord may you provide for them through whatever means you see fit and open the doors to a new job. Father for all of those with marriage problems may you just provide healing and maybe use the Love Dare to minister to their marriages. Father no matter where we may find ourselves this Thursday night in July of 2009 may we first just seek your face may we then listen for your still small voice and then may we wait patiently as you begin to work in our lives. May we place our trust in you now may we surrender ALL to you now in Jesus holy name
I pray you all have a very blessed and safe 4th of July weekend may you have a great time with family and friends and until next time GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

His very humble faithful servant,

My New Book I am currently reading by Favorite blog sister Ann Voskamp

My New Book I am currently reading by Favorite blog sister Ann Voskamp
Best Book of the Year This dear sister in the Lord writes with such eloquence I cant even put the book down it becomes so REAL for me the pages come to life! This is a MUST read!!

Mel and I at one of the scrapbook weekends at church!!!

Mel and I at one of the scrapbook weekends at church!!!
I love ya sis!!!

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