Friday, October 17, 2008

The Mom You're Meant to Be..................

Hello it has been a while I know please forgive me I have been very busy then again who hasn't lol?? I have to allow the Lord to do a work in me and then await His timing and as He leads then and only then do I share, so that has been another reason for the delays please forgive me this one is a long one lots to say.

So as the title said ,"The Mom You're Meant to Be" that as some of you know is the title to the once a month mom's bible study book in which we were able to get last night . I have to say it is a fabulous book I didnt want to put it down however my husband insisted on me getting SOME SLEEP ummmmmmmmmmm I said whats sleep lol??? The title says it all for me that is what I long for..... to be the mom God has meant or intended or created me to be I have to say though I fall so short so many times. I hear all the time lately how do you do it, you are great, you rock, you are such a good mom, and on and on and I have to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR NICE KIND ENCOURAGING WORDS however I am a mom just like you. I have times I look to the Lord and say why me Lord I cant handle 1 child right now let alone 7 what were you thinking of course He reminds me He doesnt give me more than I can handle THANK YOU JESUS AND I know that however there are those days I wonder if I can handle another second!!! My husband was a one and only child and I only had a sister we both came from non-christian homes

and we truly learn as we go and when the Lord blessed us with each new baby we finally said to each other "WOW WE DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THIS" but the Lord gets you through thank goodness. My husband and I fail often and our prayer has always been this; Father as we fail because we know we will, may You come in and fill those gaps ,and Father where we lacked in love and discipline today please fill those gaps as well Jesus name amen. For me I am trying to tackle many seasons at once it is very difficult at times I still have a little toddler, a 5 and 6 year old, the two elementary age boys 8,and 10, then the dreaded teen years my 13 year old boy and my 14 year old daughter both very different and each have very different challenges and strengths. For us one of the hardest things too is having kids all over the board as far as behavior and issues and learning that EVERY CHILD IS VERY UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT THAN THE NEXT no two children have the same make up they are each seperatly and fearfully,wonderfully made by our awesome Creator. I think another REAL important thing (in which I had to learn the hard way) is to remember to NOT COMPARE our kiddo's to each other or with friends and their children. We all have different situations in life we have no idea what goes on in some peoples homes and lives as well as all of our kids have different temperments and ways of doing things. I am finally starting to understand each of my children's uniqueness and differences and finding joy in them. The third chapter in the book is Dont put off Joy......... I love this one cause we do so many times say wait to have fun or enjoy time with our kids cause we have to clean ,or do this and that ,or go here and there, next thing we know as was said in the group that night our kids are grown and out of the house and now have no time for us.

I know we are approaching a very busy time of year for many of us and it is not only busy this year but also stressful this year as many are in financial difficulties and so much uncertainties lurking in the back of minds I urge all of us to take deep breath and SLOW DOWN THIS SEASON put your trust in the Lord and take moments to be with your kids I THINK WE TEND TO GET SO CAUGHT UP IN HOLIDAY PARTIES AND GOING HERE AND THERE AND BEFORE WE KNOW IT THE SEASONS HAVE PASSED AND I CANT REMEMBER A FUN MOMENT I SPENT WITH KIDS HOW SAD IS THAT???? I believe the parties are fine however not at the expense of family time. In all honesty we are not even promised tomorrow and with the uncertainty of our times this could very well be our last Christmas with our families as we know it now( not a prediction just a thought because our time is unknown) in the book in chapter 5 it speaks of people being more important than things which is a good reminder to those of us with the financial struggles the time with our families is more precious and priceless than any gift we could place under that tree. Now I will let you into my childrens lives (just a little) and share with you their temperments and issues:

Alisha is my 14 1/2 year old 9th grader whom is entering young womenhood and the issues we endure in doing so please pray for this. She also is very stubborn and has hardened heart to a few things I pray her personal walk grows and she becomes more in the image of God. She was the first our growing experience all trial and error more error than not she is however not ruined and still teachable.
Ian our 13 year old whom didn't start talking until 5 and still has challenges as he was given the label of being slightly autistic on the very wide spectum now he reads from the bible and shares the good news in an old folks home and blesses many I never would have thought that I thought my child would never speak.
Matthew our 10 year old the child whom has to have the last word and is very stubborn he has the gift of art and drawing I love that , he also has the mind of his father when it comes to computers he was born knowing what to do seriously lol ............................
Noah our 8 year old very smart above average on test scores however he is my strong willed child yet can be so loving and sweet he also loves our holiday traditions all of them and always makes sure we do them as close to those traditions as possible every year after year.
Then there is our Daniel our 6 year old whom has just recently been confirmed to also having austism and is low on the spectrum charts as well however does indeed have it. He also learned to talk late and is still trying to learn to read yet doing very well lots better. I have to say though
he is a sandpaper child and one day I shall share more he loves Jesus already though.
Then there is Joshua our 5 year old yes these two are the closest in age which makes for some difficulties for sure, He is precious yet also a sandpaper child. His brother and he fight alot due to being so close in age. He is so sweet though and is awesome big brother to next in line Bella he also always tries hard to get everyones attention and be funny and cute all the time.
Last yet not least of the clane is our IsaBella 3 1/2 year old princess the one I pray I will mess up on the least because of many lessons already learned oh please Lord. she is a handful she is so smart and always learning quickly (because she wants to do as sliblings do) she is my little sponge right now so I pray I don't waste these important opportunities with busyness. They all have different learning styles as well which is good to know so you can help strengthen those areas and encourage them. I think the biggest thing I am learing and have been learning over the years is not to compare to never lose sight that they are HIS not mine and I am not promised the length of time I am able to spend with them so I want to make the best of everyday as if it were the last we just never know when it may very well be our last. Also to remain teachable as a mom and never pridefully think I have all the answers (I so do not)
to know as each season brings changes some joyful some hardships to remain on bended knee
I have to admit earlier this week when my two boys (8 and 10 year olds) had the day from down under I had my guards down not expecting that to occur and it totally through me for a loop ,made me dig deep and get honest when was the last time you prayed really prayed in detail for these two in paticular I have to say I was convicted and guilty. It also reminded me that because we are doing this study as mom's SATAN will attack and make us feel less than capable mother's so let's be prepared for that and remember to stay armored up. God Bless you all and may He multiply our efforts as mom's in every season we may find ourselves in today.
Until next time,
"train your child in the way he shall go and when he is old he shall not depart from it."

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mel4christ said...

That is wonderful stuff. I am so excited about the ministering that is taking place. God surely is doing a mighty work in our church and with His women. I pray for blessing and wisdom for you and your family.


My New Book I am currently reading by Favorite blog sister Ann Voskamp

My New Book I am currently reading by Favorite blog sister Ann Voskamp
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Mel and I at one of the scrapbook weekends at church!!!

Mel and I at one of the scrapbook weekends at church!!!
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